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I've taken most of this page offline, at least temporarily, in hopes of giving it a long-needed overhaul. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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About This Website

• This website consists of two main sections: 1) news and information about the radiodrama series Where Threads Come Loose, and 2) the weblog Incoming Signals. For more on Threads, see this page. Incoming Signals is my personal weblog; on it, you'll find the occasional diaryesque entry about my life, cats, or opinions on politics or pop culture, and sometimes you'll find links to other stuff I've written that was published elsewhere, but mostly you'll find links to other websites I found interesting, either because they're enlightening, entertaining, weird, or some combination of the three.

• The page you're on now is the archive page for the blog, collecting many of the links that were once on the sidebar of the blog's main page until they grew so long that they were overwhelming the rest of the page. Now they're all here, where they can be overwhelming all by themselves. This page is updated haphazardly and whenever I feel like doing so, and is in no way meant to be comprehensive. A majority of the links here on the archive page are actually fairly old, but most of them still work, I think. It's been a long time since I attempted to go through and check all of them, so caveat lector. The newest findings are mostly on the chronological archived pages for the weblog, which you can find under "Site Navigation" on the left side of this page. It should go without saying that I don't necessarily endorse any viewpoint found on a linked site.

• I'm Christopher Bahn. I'm a writer, editor, radio dramatist, and chronic websurfer. I live in Minneapolis. I was an English major in college. My blood type is B+. My philosophical outlook is generally at odds with my blood type. • .